Deep Diver Specialty

Our Deep Diver Specialty program is a series of 4 Instructor-led training dives for certification to a maximum depth of 39 metres.

Deep diving opens the door to many different activities such as wreck diving and the chance to see coral and marine life found only at deeper depths. Any time you descend below 20 metres it is considered a deep dive and deep diving requires more intensive preparation and planning.

On this program you will learn about:

:: The effects of increasing pressure so you can enjoy the dive safely.
:: Effective deep diving plans.
:: Proper surface supports.
:: Using redundant systems.
:: Enhancing your scuba skills for deep diving.
:: Recognising and handling hazards.
:: Using all necessary specialty equipment.

Participants gain valuable experience under the direct supervision of their Instructor who provides safety briefs and makes skills recommendations prior to each dive.

The program is divided up into 4 dives over two days.

A typical schedule would be as follows:

Dive 1 & 2… Saturday ... Orientation and skills review dives

 Dive 1 & 2 is used as a basic skills review. Buoyancy control, correct weighting, emergency skills and navigation are put to the test in preparation for the deeper boat dives. Surface Consumption Rate is an important part of deep dive planning and each diver’s rate will be estimated in these open water sessions.

Dive 3 … Sunday … 30 to 39 metre deep boat dive

 The objective of this dive is for each diver to plan, prepare and experience a deeper dive. Proper planning and preparation are the primary focuses of the dive, while experiencing the depth is secondary - getting ready for the dive is more important than diving beyond 30 metres to get ‘narced’ which is unnecessary and can be unsafe in the initial stages of training.

Dive 4 … Sunday … 20 to 30 metre deep boat dive

 Dive 3 covers the same basic exercises as on dives 1 and 2 however your Instructor takes a back seat as you take primary responsibility for planning, preparation and execution of the dive. You apply your knowledge under controlled conditions in preparation for diving on your own after the course.

Program includes:

:: PADI Deep Diver training manual.
:: 4 Instructor-led training dives – all boat based.
:: Instructor and professional fees.
:: PADI Deep Diver certification card.
:: Use of all SCUBA equipment including regulators, BCD, gauges, compass, weight belt, cylinders, wetsuit.

*Scuba equipment must include primary regulator, octopus regulator, BCD, pressure gauge, depth gauge(or dive computer), compass, exposure suit, weight system and scuba cylinder. Additional equipment required for this program includes writing slate, dive knife, whistle, surface marker buoy, reel and a dive torch.

Program requirements:

:: PADI Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent with a minimum of 20 loggeed dives
:: Scuba* and snorkelling equipment.
:: Bathers and towel.
:: Minimum age is 18 years with no maximum age.


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