Equipment Sales

Dive Jervis Bay specialises in the following brands of hardware:
Aqualung, US Divers, TUSA, Apex, Suunto and Oceanic

Dive Jervis Bay specialises in the following brands of software:
TUSA, Waterproof, Lavacore, Oceanic, Ocean Pro

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Equipment Service

Dive Jervis Bay has an onsite authorised service technichan available to complete annual warrenty services, complete emergency repairs, and is happy to discuss options on regulators that are no longer servicable.

Hydrostatic tank/cylinder testing, oxywash and tank valve servicing available through Dive Jervis Bay.

Equipment Hire

Dive Jervis Bay has equipment hire available on a daily, weekend, long weekend or weekly basis depending on your needs. From mask and snorkel hire through to full scuba system hire we have it all.

Air and Nitrox Fills

Dive Jervis Bay is a clean air station providing triple filtered compressed air with a fill rating to 300 bar. Ntirox (EANx) fills are available to 100%. Our air is quality tested every three months ensuring the highest standards are maintained. Tanks will only be filled once dive certification/nitrox certification cards are sighted. Tanks must be in hydrostatic test to be filled.

For more information call (02) 4441 5255 and talk to a team member or email


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