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Jervis Bay Dive Sites

Jervis Bay has over 30 dive sites to choose from depending on the conditons of the day, obviously we can't list them all, so... here are just a few to get you excited about diving Jervis Bay.

The Docks
One of the most popular dives sites, particularly for newly certified divers and open water students. The topography consists of kelp beds, large boulders, small caves, mini drop offs and swim throughs. Small sponge gardens are scattered throughout the site, with one of the main attractions being a double decker cave. Maximum depth on this dive site is 20 metres. ddcave_diagram.gif

Slot Cave
Slot cave is located on the Northern side of the bay and is protected from the Nor'Easters that traditionally blow in Summer. Even though the site is called a cave it is not actually an enclosed overhead environment. The entry to slot cave is in approximately 16-18 metres of water. The slot extends back into the cliff face for about 60 metres. The environment offers very clean water and superb visibility and has plenty of natural light. Soft corals and small crusteans can be found on the walls of the cave and under small ledges. The area is wide enough for two divers to swim side by side.

Stoney Creek
Stoney Creek is a dive not for the faint hearted. Depth starts in approximately 25 metres and the wall drops down to 50+ metres. Gorgonian Fans and Sea Whips on the ocean floor make this a spectacular dive. The area is prone to currents which provides some excellent drift diving. This particular dive site is for the experienced diver and is quite often done as a twin tank dive or technical dive. Stoney creek is on the Southern exterior of the bay.

Drum and Drumsticks
Drum and Drumsticks is a dive site located outside of the bay heading North. It is approximately a 40 minute boat ride. There are a number of different areas to dive when you get to the drum. Depth ranges from 10 metres to 30 metres and are multi-level. Topography is mainly rocky reef with sponge gardens and soft corals. There is the wreck of the 'Wanderer' which is in 26 metres of water. Lion's Den you sometimes spot Lion Fish.

Diagrams courtesy of Tom Byrons Diving and Snorkeling Jervis Bay Guide available through Dive Jervis Bay



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