Nitrox Diver Specialty

Would you like to increase your no decompression limit and add an element of security to your dive? You already know that nitrogen accumulation in your body is what is actually limiting your dive time. By increasing the oxygen and decreasing the nitrogen in your compressed air mix, you can then increase your no decompression limits.

Within this course, we will teach you the theory of enriched air diving and give you the opportunity to dive with a compressed air mix richer in oxygen. Our Nitrox Diver Specialty program includes 2 Instructor-led training dives for use of enriched air mixes of between 21% and 40% O2.

On this program you will learn about:

:: Physics & physiology of Nitrox.
:: Analysing Nitrox cylinders.
:: Planning Nitrox dives.
:: Using Nitrox dive computers.
:: Nitrox tables.
:: Managing exposure to nitrogen.
:: 32% and 36% Nitrox (and other mixes).
:: O2 clean and O2 service rated equipment.

The Nitrox Diver program has more ‘theoretical’ elements than ‘practical’ elements in that what you learn during the program relates to the planning and preparation of the dive more than the dive itself. Participants gain valuable experience under the direct supervision of their Instructor who provides safety briefs and makes skills recommendations prior to each dive. Each participant on the Nitrox Diver Specialty program receives an SSI Nitrox Diver certification card which denotes their level of certification and experience upon completion.

The program includes a theory workshop plus 2 boat dives.

Dive 1 … Dive using EANx28 or EANx32

If you are combining the Nitrox Diver program with the Deep Diver program; dive 1 will most likely be a 30 metre deep boat dive using EANx28. This dive will give you the opportunity to use your dive computer in nitrox mode whilst using Nitrox tables as a backup.

Dive 2 … Dive using EANx32

This dive will most likely be to a depth of 15-25 metres using EANx32. The dive allows you to see the benefit of nitrox with a reduced surface interval and an extended adjusted no decompression limit.

Program includes:

:: PADI Nitrox Diver training manual.
:: 2 Instructor-led training dives using Nitrox.
:: Instructor and professional fees.
:: PADI Nitrox Diver certification card.
:: Nitrox fills and/or Nitrox cylinder use.
:: Use of all SCUBA equipment including regulators, BCD, gauges, compass, weight belt, cylinders and wetsuit.

*Scuba equipment must include primary regulator, octopus regulator, BCD, pressure gauge, depth gauge (or dive computer), compass, exposure suit, weight system and EANx certified scuba cylinder.

Additional equipment required for this program includes writing slate, dive knife, whistle and possibly a surface marker buoy#.

# Surface marker buoy is required if you are completing the dives as part of the Deep Diver program.

Program requirements:

:: Open Water certification – SSI, PADI or equivalent – with a minimum 12 logged dives OR
:: Advanced Adventurer certification – SSI, PADI or equivalent – with a minimum 12 logged dives.
:: Scuba* and snorkelling equipment.
:: Bathers and towel.
:: Minimum age is 16 years with no maximum age.


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