Active Heating Vest

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The Active Heating Vest was designed by Mares to offer technical divers comfort even during cold water dives. Ideal product for extreme diving where diving times become long and our body loses heat. By heating the upper part of the body and in particular the kidneys and chest, it creates that feeling of total well-being. It is much appreciated by extended range divers who immerse themselves in cold waters such as lakes. The key features of the Active Heating Vest are: • Double zipper for maximum comfort. it can also be used while seated • Supplied with rechargeable batteries and charger • Adjustable temperature control setting • 2 to 5 hours of heating • Hand washable • Even lighter and thinner for demanding divers • Provides warmth to the back area around the kidneys and on each side of the chest to give a feeling of complete warming to the upper body


(No reviews yet) Write a Review