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Are Sharks A Danger

Environment MAndrews COMMENTS 18 Oct, 2018


Sharks and Shark attacks are probably the greatest overrated threat to divers that there is. From 1989 to 2010 a period of twenty years, there were 2 recorded shark attack fatalities involving divers WORLD WIDE.

In Jervis Bay and surrounds, the only known shark attack occurred in 1997 when a spear fisherman was bitten by a wobbegong shark resulting in a minor injury. There are no recorded fatalities from sharks in the Jervis Bay area at all.

Statistically the ABS report “What Australians Die Of” indicates that the chance of a person dying from a shark attack in Australia is 0.125 in a million. Compare this to other normal activities that we do everyday without even thinking of the risk, such as driving 1.1 in a million, jogging or running 7 in a million, swimming 12 in a million or simply slipping and falling 13 in a million. The actual risk is extremely low, no one really considers sitting at home (1.3 chance in a million of dying from falling off a chair) to avoid these risks, yet people actually don’t Dive out of fear of sharks.

In fact there is more chance of being killed by bees, snakes, horses, tapeworm, cows, dogs or even kangaroos than there is of being attacked by a shark. The biggest killer of humans in the world is actually mosquitoes, closely followed by other humans.

Almost 77 people in the last 10 years in Australia died from horse related activities, compared to 22 from shark attacks. Therefore we at Dive Jervis Bay are big advocates of horse nets, and firmly believe they should be installed at each Pony Club and Race Tracks to protect us. However Governments have continued with a wasteful and statistically ridiculous project to attempt to kill sharks through nets, damaging and killing multiple other harmless marine animals such as whales, dolphins, turtles, rays, and harmless sharks.

Humans are much more of a threat to Sharks, than sharks to humans, with an estimated 70million sharks killed by humans every year for fins, teeth or even just sport.  

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