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Husky Diver Navigation Hunt

Diving MAndrews COMMENTS 07 Feb, 2019

Its Time.... 16 MARCH 2019 from 9am

Come and put your nav skills to the test and join us on White Sands Beach for the "Husky Divers Annual Navigation Hunt", on the beach will be snacks and softdrink, with a BBQ, Beer and Wine after the dive.

Join the fun! $30 for Club Members and $60 for non-members.

Event starts at 9am with first registered divers hitting the water at 9.30.


  1. Each Buddy Team will be issued with the same navigation directions from the Dive Master just before entering the water.
  2. In the water will be 10 nav markers each one will have a different number from 0 to 9,
  3. The First team will leave at 9.30
  4. Every 5 minutes another buddy team will leave the on shore Dive Master.
  5. The Buddy team must follow the Navigation path from the Dive Master including direction and distance and record the numbers of the 5 markers that they find.
  6. Teams are not allowed to use tape measures or lines, only compasses and natural nav techniques.
  7. After finding the five markers, the Buddy Team is to race back to the On shore Dive Master.
  8. The Dive Master will be recording each buddy teams start times and finish times.
  9. A maximum bottom time of 1 hour is allowed for each team.
  10. Once every one is back the team with the fastest time will try their combination first.
  11. If unsucsessful, the team with the next quickest time will go next. This will continue until a team gets the correct combination.
  12. If no teams get the correct combination the team with the quickest time will win the major prize.

Other special door prizes will be given out on the day including gear from our suppliers, free boat trips, free PADI Courses and other items.

The BBQ and Dive Bar will open on the return of the last divers.

Shore Snorkeling, Paddleboards and Kayaks will be available for the kids and spectators to use while the divers are in the water. There will also be a tresure hunt for smaller kids and a seperate snorkeling navigation hunt for non-divers.

Call the shop or book on line to take part. Pre registration for catering would be appreciated.

The Dive Crew

WANT TO DO YOUR NAVIGATION SPECIALITY - Call us to arrange and finish the course with the Navigation Hunt to prove your skills.

Special Price of $249

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