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FREEDIVING TRIPS For Qualified Freedivers

Qualified Freediver looking for something different. Tired of being chucked in with the snorkellers.

Come with us too one of our many dive sites that is suitable for your level of experience.

Our boat freediving trips will take you to one of the many dive sites where you can see the life in the marine park. Swim with the seals, duck beneath the waves to see the Grey Nurse and Port Jackson sharks, hang with the Cuttlefish. It is all possible if you have the skill level.

Our freediving boats are only for trained freedivers who will go out with one of our instructors and a divemaster to explore underwater. One breath, One Moment....

Not a freediver, Book onto one of our training courses in freediving....After a weekend with our instructor team, you too can be diving down to 16m.