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SCUBA AND FREE DIVING In The Jervis Bay Marine Park

Take a tour through the pristine underwater environment of the Jervis Bay Marine Park.

Our General Boats are a half day trip for any Scuba Diver or Freediver looking for their dose of Vitamin Sea. We also take those who have limited experience for either a snorkeling adventure or a Discover Scuba Diving experience.

We have over 50 dive sites to choose from. From the Nursery, Docks, and Diving with the Australian Fur Seals for the Open Water divers or snorkellers, to Advanced sites such as the Labrinth and Arch to purely technical sites such as the Stoney Creek which is one of the deepest live reefs in New South Wales and the many caves and caverns around the headlands. Our walls and reefs extend from 5 meters to over 55 meters. Not to mention the Firefly plan wreck, the Wander and other wrecks in the Park.

Leaving from the Huiskisson Wharf, each trip takes around 4 to 5 hours. We travel through the Marine Park seeing many of the inhabitants such as the Dolphins, fairy penguines and bird life, as well as the visitors such as the bi-annual Whale Migration.

Arriving at a dive site your inwater guide will brief you and show you around, advanced divers and freedivers are free to explore on their own if they prefer.

Our dives last for an hour, then back to the boat for your surface interval, hot coffee, tea, chocolate or soup with bread, cheese and biscuits. Generally we will travel to a second dive site to explore more of the park for your second dive. After your second dive we head back to the Huskisson Wharf.

Finally Stop in at the shop to say hello get your tanks filled and wash your gear before heading home.

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