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SNORKELLING ADVENTURE A Half Day Boat Trip With Two Dives

Experienced in snorkelling or freediving? Avid snorkeler looking for something different.

Come with us too one of our many dive sites that is suitable for your level of experience.

Our boat snorkelling trips will take you to one of the many dive sites where you can see the life in the marine park.

Swim with the seals, duck beneath the waves to see the Grey Nurse and Port Jackson sharks, hang with the Cuttlefish. It is all possible if you have the skill level.

Our on boat snorkelling adventures are aimed at people who have not only the ability to swim but some experience with snorkelling. After the briefing, hop off the boat under the careful eye of our Skipper/Divemaster and explore around the marine park.

Not that confident yet? Most weekends we run shore snorkel trips from the beach at the Husky Sanctuary zone. A Dive Master will be with you to teach you the snorkelling basics and help you around call the shop to discuss the option best for you.

Call the shop to book onto a shore snorkelling trip with a Dive Master or BOOK NOW for a full on snorkelling adventure off the boats.

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