Go Diving With Us

Wondering what the hype is about?

Jervis bay has arguably the best diving south of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a large, safe harbor, protected by the towering stone cliffs on the seaside that sink deep into the ocean.

This part of the coastline is close to the continental shelf, with clear water coming up from the deep ocean and no large rivers to dirty the area, visibility averages at around 15 to 20 meters throughout the year.

There is a permanent breeding seal colony here with groups to the north and south of the heads. Whales regularly stop in to rest here as they move up and down the coast, and there are multiple marine sanctuary’s and a vast national park in the area to support the abundant marine life.

Because of the shape of the bay and headlands, Jervis Bay is diveable in all but the worst weather. There are over 65 different dive sites both inside and outside the heads to choose from.

There are sheer soft coral walls, multiple caves and swim throughs, wrecks including planes and ships, shark nurseries, macro life and miles of rocky coastline to explore for both recreational and technical diving.