Hollis Mask M1

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Product Overview

An excellent wide vision, single lens mask from Hollis. The Hollis M-1 Mask is 100% frameless and 100% pure silicone. The vision provided by the lens on this mask is outstanding. The lens is a Saint-Gobain Diamant Tempered Glass Single Lens, which allows for more of the visible light spectrum to penetrate the glass surface so that your vision is not impaired in any way. The mask is easy to clear with a low volume, which also means that you aren’t wasting as much energy on equalising throughout the dive. The double feathered edge skirt in concert with the split strap design provide an effective seal which prevents leakage. This design also offers comfort as the force of the skirt and the strap is dispersed. The nose pocket has been designed to make equalising easy using a soft silicon material. Low-profile and easily adjustable buckles are used on the mask to make adjusting easy and accurate for a more comfortable seal. Features Wide vision and low volume mask Distortion free vision Helps to improve colour and visibility in low light conditions underwater Frameless 100% pure silicone skirt


(No reviews yet) Write a Review