Husky Divers Home

What is the Husky Diver Club


The Husky Diver Club is a community of like-minded people who come together to share their passion of diving. The club gets together every few months to enjoy each other’s company, have a few laughs and mainly talk about the big underwater world. Some of the events annually we organise a number of big events, women’s dive days, club games days, seasonal events, Christmas and even some spooky Halloween events.

Women’s Day
We encourage everyone to come diving, however, we pick days of the year which are for women only. It usually involves a special guest, coming to talk about how she is shaping the diving world. In the past we have has a Seahorse specialist and a Marine Artist, both amazing ladies.

After a day of diving, the ladies end up at a Japanese restaurant together, talking and laughing about the day out in the bay.

Husky Diver Games
The annual games are one event not to miss. It is a series of fun games to test your ability to have fun. Teams must work together, under the water and above, to collect as many points as they can. They battle it out and are rewarded at the end with a variety of goodies from the shop, this year the overall winner recieved an Atmos Mission One Dive Computer.

After a day of teamwork and fun, we meet at the local bowling club for some barefoot bowls and a BBQ.

Welcome to the Dive Season
The beginning of the dive season is always a fun one. With the end of the cold winter weather and the start of the sunny, spring sun, the club gets together for a day of diving.

We head out for a day on the water, with a surface interval BBQ at Murrays Boat ramp where people can play some beach games or just relax with a sausage sizzle. With all good dive days, it ends with another delicious Japanese feast at the local Japanese restaurant.

Christmas Event
The Christmas event is one of the best in the season, its just all our club members in a jolly, holiday mood. The weather is hot, the diving is warm (enough) and the drinks are cold. It is an event where everyone is just happy and get to spend Christmas with people who share the same interests.

Spooky Halloween Dive
The Halloween Dive is an excuse to all get together. People dress up and get in the Halloween mood, for the dive we have everything from Nudi Branchs to Nemo. It consists of diving, BBQs and followed up with another round at the local Japanese restaurant