A Weekly, Monthly, Fortnightly or even one off annual payment provides you with Dive Credit# to use through the year, as well as several other benefits.


This is a new concept in diving, spreading the payments out over 12 months and giving you the freedom to book and go out diving whenever you want. Designed to not only provide you a significant discount (from 10% to 30%) but also mean that for you or your buddies or entire family to go out diving, you dont need to worry about coming up with the cash upfront.

Become a Husky Diver, save $$$ on diving

>>>   No finding the money for a dive, no worry's about big outlays
>>>   Your diving is already paid for….What could be simpler
>>>   Pay your diving off weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
>>>   Get your Dive Credit on a Members Voucher that can be used for booking onto Dives or Courses.
>>>   You can also use your Dive Credit for Events, so that the discount applies to them as well.
>>>   Book in anytime, on line or call the shop, then...Go Diving...

You also get 15% back of any RETAIL PURCHASE made through us over $250 as Dive Credit.


1. Check out the rates below and estimate how many dives you think you will do in a year.

They range from the Summer Pup who likes the warmer climate, to the Wildling who dives all year round and then some.

2. Decide how you want to pay

Upfront is the cheapest, pay the Annual Total as one Payment and you save the PayPal Debit Fees, Transfer and Set Up Charges. But you can also pay weekly, monthly or fornightly as you want.

3. Find the Package and Plan to the right (you can scroll through your options), Click the image and fill out the PayPal Subscription Form

After Completing the PayPal Form it will take you to the Husky Diver 12 Month Membership Form.

This is your normal dive waiver and is provided here so you dont have to fill it out each time you want to dive with us.

4. PayPal will email you a reciept, we will email you you Husky Diver Voucher Code, simply put this in on any Boat or Course booking and it will pay for it with your available credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Payment Arrangement for?

>>> Trips, Gear Hire, Accommodation (with us) or Courses, the choice is yours


The Husky Dive Club payment arrangement is organised to provide a discount of up to 30% to regular customers. You pay a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a single annual payment (your choice) that provides you with Dive Credit# to use through the year, as well as several other benefits. 


The aim is to spread the cost of diving out over a period of time so that you do not have to come up with hundreds of dollars to go Diving or to do a Course. If you want to do more training you can also buy credit, and then use it to purchase a Course, effectively giving you a pretty good discount on the course price (Like the Master Diver Program).


Does HDCredit ever expire?

No, Husky Diver Credit accounts do not have an expiry date, they simply role over from year to year. So, if you purchase Credit and pay it off over a 12-month period, but then have to go overseas for the next 6 months, the Credit will simply be there when you return. You can also stop or put on hold the payments with no penalty.


It is meant to make Diving easier, not be a burden. 


However, the credit is for a fixed amount of up to $10,000, you can use it as you see fit why it is there, if prices rise over the period that you have credit for, the credit does not increase to match prices but will stay the same.


How do you work out the Number of Dives that are listed?

it is not a fixed number of dives, we have valued the amount of dives at a sample rate of $185, but you may need to use more credit (or Less) depending on what gear you need to hire and other factors. Basically the number of dives is to give you an idea


What about my Dive Buddy(s)?

With most accounts, you can also use it to book in other people, we don’t care. It is for you to use how you see fit. A lot of families buy a larger package of HDCredit and then use it to go diving together.


How else can I get HDCredit

There is a 15% HDCredit Back offer made to Club Members through a loyalty program off selected retail purchases, (pretty much anything new gets it). Where 15% of your retail purchases of new equipment made through Dive Jervis Bay is put back onto your Husky Diver Credit Account.


Another way to Earn Credit is to do a Course with us, generally if you finish a Dive Course with us, we will give you $100 back as Husky Dive Credit. This is a gift from us to encourage more training.


The exceptions though is if you buy a Course with Husky Credit, such as if you are doing the Master Diver Program, because you are already getting a discount of between 10% to 30% on the purchase price, we generally don’t give you an extra $100 back on top of the Discount you are receiving.


We can also arrange payments for Go Pro options, however it is usually done through a Pay in 4 arrangement, they are just there to allow the cost to be off set a bit.


What about other free stuff?

From time to time there will be other free offers provided to you, for example like fee air fills. Think of these little things as Gifts rather than agreements. 


Diving is a community, and as a Club Member you are part of our little corner of the ocean.

It is up to you how much you want to do, there are Big Club Events run every couple of months that we would encourage you to attend, or you might just be in it for the Diving. The main rule of the Club is, HAVE FUN...that’s what it is all about.


As always if we can help at all lets us know. We hope to sea you underwater soon and often.