Our Team

Cora - COE (Chief of Everything)

The most experienced Open Water Diver ever, with multiple specialisations and around a 1000 dives. Cora is our ever smiling boss who keeps us all in line, especially Morgan who hates paperwork. 

Peter - General Manager

Favorite Saying: "No Morgan, we are not doing that!"

Morgan - Operations Manager

His Movie Plot Idea

97% of the World’s Scientists contrive a worldwide environmental disaster which will wipe out life as we know it,

but their conspiricy is exposed by a plucky band of Billionaires, Politicians and Oil Company Executives.

Kate - Open Water Scuba Instructor

A self confessed Sci-Fi Geek who saw Diving as the closest she could get to floating in space, Kate is one of our Instructor Team, whose caring and patient attitude has helped many nervous students take their first breath underwater. Her favorite colour is Blue (in case you couldnt guess) 

Chris - Skipper / Dive Master Extrordinaire

Chris is a permanent fixture of the Shop for many many years, he loves swimthroughs, loves sharks, and loves his job. When diving with him, he can point out many creatures and features, all you have to do is keep up.