Technical Diving

What is Technical Diving?

Note - the syllabuses for all PADI Technical Courses are currently being revised and updated. 
Dive Jervis Bay will be teaching the new syllabus as soon as it is it available in early 2023. Send us an email to register your interest in Tec and we will contact you as soon as the new schedule is available.

Technical scuba diving is diving other than conventional commercial or research diving that takes divers beyond recreational scuba diving limits. It is generally understood to include one or more of the following:


- diving beyond 40 metres deep
- dives requiring staged decompression
- diving in an overhead environment - beyond 40 linear meters from the surface
- accelerated decompression and the use of variable gas mixtures including 100% oxygen

Because in technical diving the surface is effectively inaccessible in an emergency, tec divers use extensive methodologies, equipment and training to manage the additional risks and allow them to reach dive environments that would otherwise be inaccessable. 

Tec Instructor: Al Blake

Al has a degree in Marine Biology from St. Andrews in Scotland and over three decades of dive experience. He is never happier that when he is underwater, underground, or preferably both at the same time! As a keen cave diver, Al has dived caves in Mexico, Florida, the Nullarbor and more “locally” Mount Gambier in South Australia. Al delivers the Dive Jervis Bay Technical Program, helping motivated enthusiastic divers make the transition from ‘rec’ to ‘tec’. 

Tec Diving at Dive Jervis Bay

If you are up for the next challenge in your diving journey Dive Jervis Bay can help you with progressive technical training. Initial courses, that help you transition from recreational diving, are scheduled at regular intervals and we can also schedule customised tec training programs to align with your previous skills and experience. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

Tec Courses at Dive Jervis Bay