Visor Light Bar

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Product Overview

Visor Light Bar and Charging Module for existing Ocean Reef Visors.

Price does NOT include mask. If you are buying a new Mask we can order it direct with the Bar Pre Fitted in the Factory.

Integrated Visor lights are 6 Powerful LEDs. The on/off switch and battery housing are installed in the surface air valve port, without impairing the function of the SAV.

The light is directed to the work area in front of you and lights a square shape. Not suitable as a primary light but excellent for underwater work or as a back up.

Existing masks will require the mask to undertake a Full Service for fitting and replacement of the Visor Unit - (An additional $250) the mask will be completely serviced by Qualified Ocean Reef Technitions and will be returned to you ready to go.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review