Within this paper when we use the term ‘Diving’, we are referring to all activities from shore and boat snorkelling, scuba diving to technical and cave diving. We support all these activities and believe with the proper conditions and training, all forms of diving can be carried out safely.

Our insurance is through PADI Global, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and we are covered for all aspects of diving and dive related activities to a maximum on a single claim of $20,000,000. All our Instructors and other Dive Professionals are also individually trained and covered through PADI as well, so that you know our Dive Crew has the best skills knowledge and competency to look after you and yours while diving at Jervis Bay.

WHS Policy Statement

Dive Jervis Bay is committed to ensuring the safety of all staff, customers and visitors during dive operations, within the shop and while carrying out any activities in the workplace.

This includes ensuring that people are appropriately trained and certified to dive, medically fit to dive, that diving is conducted within appropriate conditions and that the equipment, including air provision, that is controlled by Dive Jervis Bay is regularly tested and maintained.

All persons diving, including staff are to read and sign an appropriate risk waiver and medical assessment as necessary.

Staff Training

The Dive Crew is made up of all staff and contractors employed or retained by MORCOR Pty Ltd to conduct, organise and support Dive Operations.

All staff have specific responsibilities under the Safety Management System and as a result must be provided with appropriate training. All Dive Crew, receive the following training as part of their role:

  • Appropriate training as per appropriate standards

-Dive Masters are PADI trained to ISO 24801
-Skippers are issued Certificates of Competency via AMSA

  • Safety induction training to the vessel’s risk assessment and management program,
  • The SMS and in particular its emergency plans and SWMS.
  • First aid
  • Customer Service
  • Environmental Practices

The Dive Crew training program ensures:

  • The Dive Crew is capable of competently fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the role.
  • That any extra training necessary to maintain currency of competency or respond to opportunities for improvement is identified and delivered.
  • The owner is responsible for ensuring the delivery of crew induction safety training and ongoing learning and development opportunities.
  • The Safe Working Method Statements (SWMS) of the vessel’s SMS and information in its emergency plans provide a basis for crew training for normal operations and identified emergency situations

Age Restrictions

The minimum age to undertake a trip on one of our Dive Boats is 8 years old. From 8 years children may take part in snorkelling and swimming activities from our boats. From 10 years old qualified Junior Open Water Divers may dive to 12meters under direct supervision.

All children under 12 must always be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Risk Management Statement

I, Morgan Andrews, Operations Manager and Director of MORCOR Pty Ltd t/a Dive Jervis Bay, am the Designated Person as per National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) and the WHS Act and associated Regulations.

I am also the principle controller of the premises.

I have conducted an assessment of risks associated with the Dive Shop and its commercial dive operations as per the requirements of the WHS Act.

The Staff and Crew of Dive Jervis Bay (known collectively as the Dive Crew), have had the opportunity to review and comment on the draft of this document, the Safety Management Systems for the boats, the Safe Work Method Statements and their feedback has been assessed and utilized as appropriate to form the final version.

Dive Jervis Bay’s risk assessment and management process is modelled on requirements of AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 and a risk register has been established to record identified risks and summarise measures taken to eliminate or effectively control them.

The outcome of the assessments are included in the Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for the necessary operational tasks.

All current risks (At the time of writing) are recorded in the Boat Safety Management Systems, the store Safety Management System and make up the findings in the Diving Assessment of Risk. These have been individually assessed and controlled as possible and this process has been documented as part of our commitment to safety.

The on-going process for reporting hazards and incidents is included within the staff training processes document and is full accepted as a shared responsibility by all staff. This will form the basis of the on-going review process which will occur in response to any incident or near miss.

A formal review will be undertaken on an annual basis and be carried out in consultation with the Dive Crew as detailed within the Safety Management Systems for Dive Jervis Bay

Morgan Andrews
Director / Operations Manager, Dive Jervis Bay 
Last Reviewed on 1 April 2022

1st Drafted January 2018.